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Honest Game Trailer for Ghost of Tsushima Outs It as Assassin’s Creed in Feudal Japan

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With The Last of Us Part II taking over the internet on June, the month of July had belonged to Ghost of Tsushima. With Tsushima starting to settle in with everyone, Fandom Games has released their Honest Game Trailer take on the game.


From the developers that brought you sneaky raccoon thieves and super-powered millennials, comes a new IP that finally does what everyone’s been asking Ubisoft to do since 2009 and gives you an Assassin’s Creed set in Feudal Japan.


A lot of people had been talking about how the game takes a lot of influence from old Samurai films—specifically from director Akira Kurosawa—and it’s really great to see the shots side by side. While some say the gameplay isn’t perfect, GoT is still a sight to behold and is clearly one of the more beautiful games to come out in the year.

Though there had been a lot of discourse on The Last of Us Part II when it came out, the general vibe on Ghost of Tsushima is that it was a great AAA game; maybe because it didn’t have any “SJW agenda” and was your typical male power fantasy that is kind of expected when it comes to video games.

No doubt this game will also be coming to the PS5, and with all the praise that has come out for the PS4 version, I’m sure Sucker Punch will have a lot more to show off when they bring the title to a more powerful console—whenever it comes out.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available for the PS4.

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