Hilarious R2-D2 Subtitles Reveal He's Really A Sarcastic Droid

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The Star Wars saga wouldn’t be complete without the different droids in the galaxy far, far away and their endless series of seemingly incoherent beeps.

In the first two Star Wars trilogies, C-3PO and R2-D2 were among these droids. C-3PO could communicate in English, but the same cannot be said for R2-D2. While everyone else in the sci-fi space opera films seemed to understand R2, audiences could not.

You might be wondering what R2-D2 has been saying all this time. Well, Star Wars fan Eclectic Method has decided to create a sequence of footage from the Star Wars saga with R2-D2 subtitles. Finally, all that bops, beeps, and whirrs is clearer now. Apparently, R2-D2 is really a sarcastic little droid.

Check out the funny video below:



Although the video is fan-made, I must admit that at first I thought the R2-D2 subtitles had been real. I have to give Eclectic Method props for the effort to share the droid’s “important” albeit hilarious and occasionally cocky messages to the viewing public.

This Star Wars fan should create one for BB-8 too. I wonder what that droid would say.