29 Apr 2016 6:56 PM +00:00 UTC

Hilarious Kylo Ren Outtakes Fan Edit Shows How Misunderstood He Really Is

Despite how sinister Kylo Ren was portrayed in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, some of us would probably like to think Adam Driver’s character is still redeemable. His face did show some kind of regret after he killed his own father, Han Solo. He was also shown killing some guy who was about to kill Rey in that Force Vision that Rey had.

Well, the amazing guys at Auralnauts is supporting exploring that possibility in a new hilarious Kylo Ren outtakes video.  

We saw Kylo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens immediately lashing out when some things don’t go his way. However, as the video shows, The Force Awakens baddie apparently has a much more sensitive soul than we thought.

In the video, he talks to General Hux asking what he puts in his hair. Also, when Finn stares at him, he asks what’s problem is. 

Take a look at the hilarious video:




Obviously the outtakes are fake, but they’re expertly edited that you would think people are just biased against Kylo.

I wonder what the guys at Auralnauts would have put in place of the scene where Kylo kills Han.

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