Hidden Meaning in Logan Points Out The Film's Western Influences

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Garynx Wurmoloid is back in the latest episode of Wisecrack's Earthling Cinema, and this time, he discusses the hidden meaning in Hugh Jackman and James Mangold's Logan. This points out the film's Western influences, how Logan can find redemption through Laura Kinney (Dafney Keen), and how his fight against his clone is a representation of how he's battling the parts of him that he wants to leave behind. I laughed when the video mentioned that Professor Charles Xavier outlived most other mutants even though he's crazy old to begin with. Of course, the video reminds us of the cross that was turned into an X on Logan's grave. This is definitely one of the best superhero films I've seen. Its character-driven story is great and the actors performed so well, but what makes it also memorable is the hidden meanings of its story, as this video points out. Watch the video below:

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