Here’s What Leonardi DiCaprio Might Look Like As Stan Lee

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Leonardo DiCaprio might not look much like Stan Lee, but new art proves fans otherwise.

During a panel at the Wizard World Nashville last Sunday, the Marvel Legend decided to name Academy Award winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, as the best star for a Stan Lee biopic. Though the project doesn't exist yet, fans have been running with the idea of the critically acclaimed Hollywood celebrity playing the part.

BossLogic, an artist who breathes life into celebrity casting rumors and suggestions by turning them into art, has just recently posted an image of what DiCaprio might look like as every Marvel fan's favorite cameo man and comicbook legend, Stan Lee. With a pair of glasses and a moustache hovering over his lip, the Revenant star certainly looks like he could play the man in a biopic.

Check the art piece down below:


Though it's no surprise that Lee would want DiCaprio to star in his biopic after revealing to audiences at the Wizard World Nashville convention last weekend that the actor's a "big Marvel fan" with "huge posters on his walls," this suggestion by the Marvel Legend might cause spark another rivalry with DC fans. After all, word has it that DiCaprio is being considered to play the Joker in Warner Bros. upcoming Joker origin movie by Martin Scorcese.

Let's just wait and see which studio manages to nab DiCaprio first.

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