Here's The First 13 Minutes of Destiny: Rise of Iron

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Destiny's latest expansion Rise of Iron is finally live, and IGN shared the first 13 minutes of footage that introduces the game's story and gives us a look at the new setting. Rise of Iron expands Old Russia by letting players into the "Plaguelands" where a corruptive and mysterious thread called SIVA is being used by the Fallen. It's a threat that the Iron Lords of old battled in ages past, and it killed them all except Lord Saladin, who gives you a quest to restore the Iron Temple at the top of Felwinter's Peak, which serves as Destiny's third social space for bounties, quests, vendors, etc., 

Check out the new gameplay footage: 


Based on the gameplay footage we see here, it doesn't look like Rise of Iron added a significant amount of content. It seems like you're fighting the same types of enemies with the same kind of weapons. 

So have you played Destiny: Rise of Iron? What do you think about the expansion so far?