Here’s How You Can be an Extra in the Star Wars: Han Solo Spin-off Movie

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Fans may have been a little disappointed following the rather anti-climactic announcement related to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But even if the clip featuring Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley didn't make you smile, the actual contest might.

Of course, the charity behind it, Starlight Children's Foundation should be something to smile about. The Force for Change initiative will bring about donations in the form of entertainment to over 700 hospitals and clinic. But Entertainment Weekly also has the details of what donors can get out of the experience.

The announced Star Wars 40th anniversary charity contest actually has some cool prizes for the raffles for donors, seen below:

Past: A stay at Skywalker Inn with a tour of the archives and the Ranch in California. There will also be a personal screening of Star Wars: A New Hope.
Present: The winners will get to attend Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere and after-party.
Future: Take a visit to the set of the Star Wars: Han Solo spin-off movie with the bonus of being an extra cameo.
Grand Prize: One winner will get to experience all these three prizes mentioned above.

The run of the contest is just an entire month until May 11. There will be winners picked out at the end of each week for the duration of the contest, with the grand prize waiting at the very end.

This isn't so bad—but it does mean that we'll still be waiting for that trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the meantime.

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