Here’s an Easy Pokemon Go Level Up Tip: Hire PokeStop Drivers and This Trainer on Craigslist

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Pokemon Go is all about effort, for the most part. You have to go to different places to acquire rarer Pokemon. Or if you're running low on PokeBalls, you need to diligently go to a PokeStop landmark to replenish.

If you don't have a lot of time to devote to the game, there are some easy ways to level up or get to PokeStops faster. And that means hitting up Craigslist and getting ready to shell out a few bucks.


Players who want to get to PokeStops faster may want to check out the many diverse who are offering their services to drive people around to PokeStops. Some of the Craigslist listings (via GameRant) offer chauffeuring services in Houston and Vancouver to get to PokeStops.

A woman who went by Ivy St. Ive had even posted services to be a Pokemon Go trainer-for-hire for US$20 per hour. Sadly, as of writing, her Craigslist posting has since then been taken down.

Huffington Post managed to get a word from the trainer, where she explained why she took down the post. According to St. Ive, several players have contacted her stating that her services are against the developer's terms. For fear of being banned by the developer, the proclaimed life-long Pokemon enthusiast decided to just go back to playing Pokemon Go in peace.

The big question is whether someone else may post his or her own offer of being a for-hire trainer. Though those who fear the wrath of a ban from Niantic Labs may want to think twice.

Still, if you're looking for an easy and albeit more fun way to play Pokemon Go, there are several scheduled Pokemon Go Pub Crawls popping up in cities where the game has launched.

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