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Here’s A Description Of Exclusive Fullmetal Achemist Live-Action Movie Preview And Fan Reactions

There's a lot of wariness surrounding live-action film adaptations of popular anime series after recent Hollywood flops like Rupert Sander's Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlet Johansson and Dean Isrealite's Power Rangers have soured fans eagerness to see their favorite anime series on the big screen.

However, despite a wave of concern over the state of the anime industry's live-action sector, it seems like fans are taking to Warner Bros. Fullmetal Alchemist movie really well.

This year's Anime Expo has been doing very well, and with Fullmetal Alchemist debuting in December, the studio has decided to preview some footage to fans at the event. Though security at the movie's panel has kept the preview from leaking on the internet, fan's reactions online assure others that the film isn't going to end up as another bad anime live-action film adaptation.


Here's a description of the footage from a fan present during the panel. Posted on Tumblr, the preview is described as:

"Most of the footage from the first trailer is from the Loire arc and specifically from Ed's final fight with Cornello including that shot of Al that was going around. Also apparently Roy is going to be in the Loire arc bc?? Reasons????? And he really dramatically sets the fake philosopher's stone on fire.

Also when Roy picks up the stone we see his gloves and that's the first shot of him and I started cheering but I was the ONLY one no one else cheered until we panned to his face it was embarrassing . Winry is going to be brunette (and I think she's the only blonde character not dying their hair that we saw???) and had the CUTEST DRESS YOU'VE EVER SEEN in this one shot honestly she's SO CUTE. More footage of Nina and Alexander than my heart needed.

WHEN AL WAS PLAYING WITH NINA HE DID THIS SILLY WALKY THING IN HIS GIANT ARMOR AND IT WAS THE CUTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN MY HEART EXPLODED. There was a shot of Lust confronting Hughes before his death and everyone screamed. REALLY COOL footage of Roy using Flame Alchemy and sending a ton of flames against a backdrop of fire. There was a confusing shot of someone before that who looked a lot like Envy running and being completely caught on fire so I'm not sure if they're changing things around or????

Riza walked up in front of a bunch of soldiers and kneeled down with them and got ready to shoot and everyone was screaming I almost cried SHE LOOKED SO GOOD it was A Lot. Ed pulls off his automail at one point it looked intense as hell. That's all I can think of right now asdfghjkl it looks so good guys I'm so excited"

Now, check out some of the positive reviews that have made their way to Twitter:


While some may argue that these fans have only seen a few clips from the film, the positive reaction does tell the anime community that the movie is heading in the right direction. A classic and well-loved anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist is one of those shows that definitely deserve a good live-action movie.

Fullmetal Alchemist premieres in Japan on December 1, 2017.

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