Henry Cavill Reveals Geralt's Grunts Weren't in The Witcher Script

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While Netflix's The Witcher is based on Andrej Sapkowski's novels and not by the CD Projekt Red game adaptation, the video game still serves somewhat of a base for what to expect with the characters in the series. While some would assume that Henry Cavill makes those grunts in accordance with the script, the actor revealed that that isn't exactly the case.

"Actually, I think, none of the grunts were in there," Cavill told BBC Radio 1. "All the grunts, I either added or didn't say anything and just grunted instead." The actor says it was "often" up to the actors to do what feels appropriate for their character or the scene. When Cavill thinks that Geralt of Rivia wouldn't say anything in a particular part of the scene, it safe to assume that he just does the thing. "I think the grunts were often a surprise for anyone who was watching," he added.


In the same interview, Cavill also addressed the bathtub scene. He revealed that he "doesn't know how many people realized how iconic it was" and that there was already a "visual attached." When he was in the tub, he said he couldn't get his feet up because the bath was in "the wrong shape," as opposed to the one in the game. That being said, Cavill thought "that might have been a bit much as well."

The Witcher Season 2 is expected to be released sometime in 2021 while a new anime film titled Nightmare of the Wolf is in the works.

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