Henry Cavill Convinced Ben Affleck's Son He Was The Real Superman

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Ben Affleck’s son Samuel may have Batman for a dad, but it looks like the four-year-old is a fan of Superman as well, so much so that he stood in awe of Henry Cavill while at the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sat down with Good Morning America today to promote the film. Except for Jeremy Irons, it would appear that the key cast of the film was there. While most of what the cast said were fun, one of the highlights in the interview was Ben Affleck’s story about his son while standing in the presence of Henry Cavill.

Ben recalled:

My son was very in awe about Henry. He stood there just watching him for a little while and then said to me, 'That's the real Superman?' I was tempted to ask Henry to fly.

The opinion isn’t only Samuel’s of course. Amy Adams, who played Superman’s love interest Lois Lane, also became agitated when “Henry took his shirt off.”

Take a look at the entire interview below:


While Samuel is in awe of Cavill, I am impressed by Affleck’s dedication towards his son. The 43-year-old actor may have said a few days back that his son cannot see the movie because of his age, he did do his best effort to make his son happy by dressing up as the Dark Knight during Samuel’s birthday.

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