HBO Says Its Watchmen Reboot Might Stray From Alan Moore’s Comics

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Last month, Warner Bros. announced that it was planning to work on a Watchmen reboot for HBO last month and everyone's been hoping to see a television adaptation that's as close to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's original DC comicbook series as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Watchmen reboot's going to stray a tad bit too far from its source material. Speaking in an interview with IGN, HBO president of programming Casey Bloys revealed that Damen Lindelof's television adaptation of Watchmen might make take a few liberties with the series.


"I don't want to talk too much about it, but Damon is thinking about it in a way exactly as you describe it," Bloys told the publication. "Which is, how do you take the material and derive from it a TV show, without making it a literal translation?"

When the HBO president was asked whether it would mean that production would create original material for the series, Bloy's response was "I think so, yes."

"Damon is one of the smartest, most passionate, most thorough writers I've ever worked with," the HBO president of programming praised the director they hired to run the Watchmen reboot "so he's really thinking about this in amazing ways. Again, I don't want to talk about the details of it, but when you sit with him and you see the way his mind works it's really kind of amazing."

Knowing that Moore's Watchmen comics is a limited series, it's understandable that Lindelof would try to add a few things to his television adaptation. Let's see how this TV show fares.

HBO's Watchmen reboot doesn't have a release date just yet, but we'll keep everyone updated as soon as we get word.

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