HBO Releases First Teaser For Westworld Season Two

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Westworld was one of the best things to come out of HBO last year, and though we won't get a season this year, the show promises to come back in 2018. Thanks to San Diego Comic Con, we now have out first look at the next season.

We still don't have a synopsis for season two, but surely we'll be getting more into the existential drama of the hosts and their abusive creators. The last season ended with Dolores killing the park's creator, Robert Ford, and I'm curious as to the reaction of all the live people who had to witness it with their very eyes. Do the hosts go on a killing spree? Do the humans regain control of the park?


With Game of Thrones nearing its end, HBO seems to be looking for a show that brings the same ratings. Sure we'll be getting some GoT spinoffs down the line, but with HBO's reputation, people will want something new and engaging—not just another spinoff of well-known material.

I actually think Westworld is pretty great, and the story actually asks deeper questions than Game of Thrones. Sure GoT may bring us some visual treats and interesting plot points, but I think Westworld has a more intriguing and "human" question to ask.

That's just my opinion anyway.

We don't have a specific release date for Westworld, but the series comes back sometime in 2018.

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