HasCon Exclusives For Magic: The Gathering, Deadpool, Star Wars, My Little Pony & Transformers

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The ever HasCon (Hasbro's first con) is happening on September 8-10 in Providence, Rhode Island, and in addition to having popular guests like James Gunn and Peter Cullen, the event will have exclusives available on the con floor for people to purchase. Most of the exclusives are variants of existing items, or "early release" versions of prodcuts that will be available later this year at retail.

This Magic: The Gathering three-card set features cards based off other Hasbro properties. The Grimlock Transformers card looks cool; The NERF card is hilarious; and D&D card looks fun, and it will be in a set that will be released later this year. It will cost you $30 USD for the whole set.

There will be two exclusive Tranfromers figurines: a Titans Return Leader Class version of Arcee that has an Ultra Magnus Headmasters head that fits other figures. That will cost you $30, and it will also be available at retail. The other one is a Power Bank to charge your devices, and it transforms into Opimus Prime. The 6500mAh battery also comes with a USB Cable and the Autobots logo, and it will cost you $50.


Here's Marvel's Legends reppaint of the Deadpool that was released last year, and now he's wearing his X-Force Uniform. This will cost you $20 at HasCon.

Check out this Star Wars Black Series Captain Rex, which was one of the biggest reeals of SDCC 2017, and has been a long-requested figure. This release is ahead of its retail release. You can pick this up at HasCon for $20.

Finally, here are two My Little Pony products: An MLP D&D Dice Set that will cost $20; and an MLP mystery box that contains figures, journals, plush, book, tumbler, and more.

Which of these HasCon exclusive items are you most excited about?

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