06 Dec 2015 6:09 AM +00:00 UTC

Harrison Ford Might Have Revealed A Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler During A Twitter Q&A With Fans

WARNING: Potential Spoilers below

Harrison Ford is one of the few select people to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens before its Dec. 18 release. Last week, he offered his opinions on the film, calling it "wonderful".

And now, he may have revealed a major spoiler while taking part in a Twitter Q&A session with fans Friday afternoon.

The 73-year-old actor responded to a question regarding his favorite action scene in The Force Awakens. Ford, who does not have a Twitter account of his own, he answered honestly: "the sword fight with Rey and Kilo Ren. Fantastic visual storytelling."

What?! Does that mean that Rey is strong in the Force?


Fans, unsurprisingly, took it as a major spoiler. Many assumed that this means Rey will use a lightsaber in the film — something that hasn't been revealed in the trailers or TV spots. So far, we've only ever seen Rey wielding a staff-like weapon. And for the record, Ford didn't say anything about a lightsaber. We've already seen Kylo Ren encounter Rey with his lightsaber on, so that might lead to a lightsaber fight. It sounds like this is going to be one of the film's biggest surprises.

We'll find out when The Force Awakens comes out in theaters on Dec. 18.

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