Harley Quinn Will Arrive in Gotham Soon

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Harley Quinn's appeal is far from waning. Even in Batman-based Gotham, fans are still on high alert for when Joker's ladylove will arrive.

And young Batman star David Mazouz, who plays the role of Bruce Wayne, is more than ready to give a teaser on when she'll be coming in to the show, telling moviepilot:

"She's going to be in the finale. Stay tuned."

This is in keeping with an earlier tease that pointed to the very near inclusion of Suicide Squad members into Gotham. The show has been moving into villain territory, adding not only new villains, but pretty much transforming existing ones slowly into the more recognizable, antagonistic versions of themselves.

That's not just for the villains though, because Mazouz has also teased that the same transformation and life choice will happen to the young Batman.

"Something major happens in the very last scene of Season 3 for Bruce. He makes a decision, that decision will influence what he does I don't know what's happening in Season 4 yet, I haven't had a script or talked to the writers about what's going to happen, but where I see it going is somewhere I've wanted to see it going for a very long time."

He added that Bruce will become "very busy" when it comes to his new role—is that the cowl and cape talking there?—and this will also be happening at the end of the current season.

It looks like Gotham is steadily leaning away from the crime-inclined show it started out and coming in closer to the villains and heroes that it may soon become.

Gotham airs on Fox, with the finale episode expected on June 5.

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