26 Sep 2016 6:49 PM +00:00 UTC

'Harbinger' Movie is Planned to Head Up a Valiant Comic Cinematic Universe

Sony is planning a five-film franchise based on the universe of Valiant Comics, The Wrap reports. The franchise will start with the upcoming Harbinger film. A film based off the Bloodshot comic will also be included and it will all culminate in a Harbinger Wars crossover film.

Sony recently renewed its option on a Harbinger film, which would be based on a comic about a young runaway named Peter with telekinetic powers. Bloodshot is supposed to be the second film in the franchise. This film will be based off a comic about a mortally injured soldier saved from death by nanotechnology and given the task of hunting down people like Harbinger's Peter.

The main character of Bloodshot will be introduced as an antagonist in Harbinger. His film will then be released the next year. The superheroine Faith is also reportedly featured heavily in the Harbinger script. It's unknown at this point if she will get her own movie.


The movie will be produced by Neal Moritz and Dinesh Shamdasani through Original Film. Valiant Entertainment is also naturally involved.

Valiant Comics has been getitng a lot of media attention lately. The Faith comic has gotten a lot of positive press for featuring a heroine who doesn't fit the narrow size standards superheroines are traditionally forced into. The company also had the high honor of recieving an unprecedented 50 Harvey Awards nominations.

Valiant is the biggest superhero comics company out there besides Marvel and DC. I'm definitely interested to see what their cinematic universe would look like. I'd especially like to see Faith getting her own movie. What about you? Are you excited about the idea of a Valiant cinematic universe?