Han Solo: Ron Howard Teases A Droid From The Set

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Ever since Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired from directing the Han Solo movie for Lucasfilm, it seems that we've been getting more and more news on the project—all thanks to replacement director Ron Howard. Howard has shared another image from the set, and this time it's teasing a new droid.

Check it out:


I'll be honest, at first glance I thought it was just a mic stand in the recording booth, and Howard thought it looked like a cool droid, but closer inspection does reveal that it is in fact, a practical droid on the set, and the buttons could be a panel that controls music—music for a certain gangster slug's palace?

Speaking of droids, Alan Tudyk, who played K-2SO in Rogue One had recently expressed that he wanted to be in this movie. Granted that Han Solo will be depicted in an era close to the Rogue One timeline, I can imagine an Imperial droid like K-2SO popping up somewhere in the movie.

Then again, maybe Han Solo will be more focused on the world of scum and villainy in Star Wars as compared to the orderly and sophisticated Empire.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out May 25, 2018.

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