Han Solo Production Still Shaky Despite Lucasfilm Landing A New Director For The Spinoff

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Star Wars fans were shocked when Lucasfilm announced that it had let go of Han Solo director's Phil Lord and Chris Miller because of "creative differences." The Star Wars spinoff was already deep into a seemingly smooth production and the sudden turn of events sparked rumors that the studio was a bit too strict on its directors.

Though Lucasfilm has managed to nab Oscar Award-Winning director Ron Howard for Han Solo after firing Lord and Miller, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that things continue to be rough for the Star Wars spinoff behind the scenes. According to the site, Howard is currently meeting up with the cast of the film "to soothe a rattled set and (will) pore over a rough edit to see what the project has and still needs."


Sure Howard may have been "considered to be a safe choice to complete the task, someone who will more than ably finish the movie while being a calming presence on set," but the question still remains whether the director will have to start over from scratch, or redo a few scenes shot by the former Han Solo helmsmen.

Lord and Miller had already gone through nearly five months of production and having a new director on board naturally poses a number of questions for the cast and crew. We hope things cool down soon.

Han Solo hits cinemas on May 25, 2018.

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