Han Solo: Directors Guild Facing A Tough Decision After Departure Of Lord And Miller

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Man, Star Wars has been having a rough week. After Lucasfilm had reportedly fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller from their Han Solo directing job, they now have to scramble and find a replacement so they can pump the movie out on time next year. Another problem with the movie, however, is that the Directors Guild of America (DGA) will be having trouble when it comes to properly crediting the movie.

According to the Hollwood Reporter, the DGA have special rules that prohibit replacing a director unless there's an emergency (like with Joss Whedon taking over Justice League). They write:


The DGA has a strict rule which prohibits replacing the director with someone else from the film's team except for a brief emergency. It's designed to discourage producers from forcing out a helmer and taking over a picture. And it means that despite speculation that veteran writer-director Lawrence Kasdan, who has written the new film's screenplay with his son Jon Kasdan, could step in to direct, such a move would violate the DGA rule.

And even if they get someone else to take over the job, there's still the issue with who will get director credit.

Han Solo only had a few more weeks into production, and Lord and Miller had signed on for the project two years ago; not to mention they've been shooting since February. That makes the duo have strong claim to credit. Then again, there is still the post-production process which is just as important as shooting, and that will be taken over by the new director.

Way it looks, the DGA will have to put three names on the director's credit. It's probably the right thing to do since Lord and Miller have been working hard on the project — despite their differences with Kathleen Kennedy.

Hopefully the movie doesn't end up so bad.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out May 25, 2018.

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