13 Dec 2015 1:45 AM +00:00 UTC

Halo 5 Adds New Reward For Playing Everyday

Halo 5 is still fairly new, but developer 343 Industries will still need to compete with other games for players' time this holiday season. To help keep gamers playing the game more consistently, 343 Industries has announced via livestream a new incentive for people to play Halo 5 every day. Starting immediately, players can earn up to two free Req packs per day by winning matches in the Warzone and Arena multiplayer modes.

Req packs in Halo 5 include cards that you can use on a range of things, from cosmetic items to weapons and vehicle spawns in the Warzone mode. These packs can be acquired through certain game systems or microtransactions, but with this new incentive, they are easier than ever to attain. It seems like this sci-fi shooter is joining the ranks of many games, like Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV, that give once-a-day rewards for quests or multiplayer matches. While this sort of thing can definitely be used to get gamers to tackle old or recycled game content, it can eventually get too repetitive to enjoy. In Destiny, I had to log on every single day if I wanted to keep on top of my daily Legendary Marks, but that system quickly started suffocating me. Still, I think daily bonuses can certainly improve a game's longevity if it's done right, so we'll have to see how Halo 5's Req pack bonuses and future incentives are received by the player base.