Halloween Has Hit GTA Online With New Vehicles, Bonuses & More

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GTA Online is joining the games updated with Halloween events and content.

For this year, developer Rockstar Games has made it easier to deck in some creepy rides and killer discounts that will surely make your blood pressure rise up—with excitement.

Over at Rockstar Newswire, the developer has released some new info and image of the Pegassi Vortex to expand the GTA Online: Bikers – Ride collection. Take the quickest route to the highway to hell with this sweet but deadly two-wheeled monster via the Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Those who can hold out until Oct. 26 can also choose the Sanctus Motorcycle. This ride screams Halloween with is skull design. Those glowing red skull eyes will make traffic part in the middle just to let you through.

Rockstar is also introducing the Lost vs. Damned mode. This pits the forces of Devils and Angels to see who's fit to rule. It's going to be mayhem, since the mode takes the day/night cycle to a whole new level of leverage and chaos.

Each cycle will switch every 60 seconds to put the odds in favor of one particular team every time. If your side is favored, there's increased Armor, Health, and superior Weapon loadouts.

Player who may have missed the previous GTA Online Halloween vehicles and items can expect them to make a comeback. In addition, there will be some Event Week bonuses thrown in.

With GTA Online already running for three years, the developer also released a GTA$250K bonus, as well as a 30% discount off of fan-favorite items from the different expansions, seen better in the image below. Among the discounted items include the Pegassi Speeder, the Grotti Turismo R, the Besra Jet, the Valkyrie, and the Aquarius Yacht.

An ongoing event in GTA Online is the Premium Race: Nightlife. From now until Oct. 31, fans can aim to win big in the Non-contact Premium Nightlife Race for motorcycles. The event will reward Triple RP for all participants, with extra payouts for those who land on the Top 3.

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