Half-Life: Alyx Developers Claim the Game is Mostly Completed

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A miracle happened last year; Valve actually announced a new Half-Life game and they even had a trailer to show off some gameplay! While some fans were bummed about it being a VR game, the fact of the matter is that these VR systems need a must-buy title and Half-Life: Alyx looks to be that title. It's slated for a March release but fans are worried about a possible delay, especially since Marvel's Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077, and Final Fantasy VII Remake were all delayed.

Well, the developers of Half-Life: Alyx actually hosted a Reddit AMA and addressed a concerned fan, stating that the game is mostly complete and they're just finishing up the final scene. They're also probably trying to minimize any bugs that might be in the game, which is always appreciated.

Honestly, it's almost surreal knowing that a new Half-Life game is coming out in two months. Most fans are still mad at Valve for that cliffhanger ending from Half-Life 2: Episode Two and never releasing Half-Life 2: Episode Three, despite numerous promises to do so. With the rise of Steam, it's easy to see why Valve has been keeping busy but geez, why didn't they just go with a self-contained ending then?

Currently, Half-Life: Alyx is slated for a March release, though no official date has been given. This is probably why fans are so worried so here's hoping that the developers pull through.

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