Hackers Take Over Game Of Thrones' Social Media Accounts

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It looks like HBO's trouble with hackers is only getting worse. The hack attacks on the premium cable network continue with a new set of cyber criminals finding their way into Game of Thrones various social media accounts.

Last Wednesday, Ourmine, a notorious team of hackers, was able to take over HBO's Twitter handle and Facebook account for Game of Thrones. Posting on both platforms, the group wrote a message offering HBO the chance to upgrade their security after hacking and "testing" their defenses.


Check out a screenshot of the message down here:

For those who aren't that familiar with the group, OurMine is infamously known for their attacks on Twitter, taking over various media accounts including that of Marvel, Google, and Netflix. Though the group doesn't really do much damage outside of demonstrating their abilities and offering an updated security system, this new report is another blow to HBO.

The company has been having a lot of trouble with hackers lately. Earlier this month a separate group of hackers leaked out important details regarding the network's various series , later on leaking an unbroadcasted Game of Thrones episode online. Not long after that, the same group managed to get their hands on propriety data from the network's servers as well as the personal details of a few of the Game of Thrones cast members.


HBO certainly isn't having it easy, and it looks like the network isn't holding out well in this battle against these cybercriminals.

Game of Thrones airs every Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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