GWENT Kill the Servers Stress Test Round 2 Scheduled

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The first wave may not have been enough. CD Projekt Red has already confirmed that a Kill the Servers Round 2 is in the cards.

Announced over the official Gwent: The Witcher Card Game website, the developer confirmed that it will have another stress test, and it's already live. Andi it's looking for a bigger run to ultimately kill the servers

"After a series of skirmishes and suffering some losses, server armies have managed to pierce human defenses and are advancing further own the Internet."

The developer is basically looking to ensure that more players (humans) will participate, so that more issues will be ironed out. There are two interesting aspects in the blog post.

"We're preparing entirely new decks and factions. Also, we'll be attacking at different hours and recruiting new troops—the servers must die!"

Does this mean that the decisive battle will already include a few new cards?

For players who won't be able to get into the action, note that there is still a closed beta in the works. CD Projekt Red had previously confirmed that there will be three preview events for the game, and that includes two Kill the Servers test and a closed beta.

The closed beta will be held on Oct. 25 for the Xbox One and Windows 10, while the PS4 run will follow later on.

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