Gundam Wing Gets A Beautiful Blu-Ray Boxed Set

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Despite some hackneyed melodrama here and there, most anime fans will agree that Gundam Wing is a good time. An anime starring five pretty boys with awesome looking giant mechs, it's easy to see why the series was beloved back in the 90's. Soon, fans will be able to relive the experience in beautiful HD when the blu-ray comes out this year, with a beautiful collector's edition for the hardcore crowd.

This special collection is just as handsome as the boys in the series, featuring all 49 episodes, the Operation Meteor OVA and the Endless Waltz movie. Also included are five large art cards, five small art cards, three posters, five pins and a 188-page hardcover artbook. It's the ultimate package for any Gundam Wing fan.


Fans interested in this deluxe bundle can pre-order it now at Rightstuf. As of this writing, the boxed set is at a discounted price of $175.49 from it's regular price of $269.99. While not exactly cheap, it's probably the best price fans can ask for.

The Gundam Wing collector's edition blu-ray will be available on December 5, making it the perfect holiday gift for anime fans. A number of the mobile suits here also appear in the upcoming Gundam Versus for PS4, so fans might want to check that out as well.

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