Guillermo Del Toro Shares His Thoughts On David Harbour’s New Hellboy

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Hellboy fans might have felt a bit betrayed after Lionsgate decided to forego Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 3 to work on a new reboot however it seems like the prolific Mexican filmmaker doesn't hold any resentment towards the studio's new Harbinger of the Apocalypse, David Harbour.

Speaking in an interview with Screen Geek about his thoughts regarding the Hellboy reboot, the original Hellboy director was asked about his opinion regarding the Stranger Things star taking over Brother Red's role from Ron Perlman.

Del Toro's a big fan of the Duffer brothers' ode-to-the-80's Netflix series and the publication was wondering whether the Mexican filmmaker's feelings towards Harbour's Hellboy has been affected by his love for Stranger Things.


Though he's not personally acquainted with Harbour, del Toro says he likes the new Harbinger of the Apocalypes and that he wishes the team luck.

"No, I mean I like him. I don't know him and I'm not involved with the movie. But I sure wish them luck, man. He's a great guy."

However, while del Toro does give his full support to new director Neil Marshall and Harbour, the award-winning filmmaker jokingly thinks that the Stranger Things star won't actually do as good as Ron Perlman.

Wonder if that's going to be true.

Hellboy releases sometime in 2018.

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