Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3: The First Draft Of The Script Is Almost Done

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James Gunn has been pumping out hit after hit for Marvel Studios with his Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and he's coming back to direct GotG Vol. 3. Gunn is currently hard at work on the script for the film, and he's just given us a new update on the movie.

Yes the bedhead is particularly out-of-control this morning, but I thought it was important to share my new #Groot mug with you. About to sit down with a cup of joe to work on - and almost finish - the first full draft of the #GuardiansoftheGalaxy Vol. 3 treatment - almost 70 pages. What are you guys up to? . #marvel #jamesgunn #writing #writinglife #screenwriting #gotg #gotgvol3
A post shared by James Gunn (@jamesgunn) on Oct 20, 2017 at 9:49am PDT

Originally, Gunn wasn't set to direct the third Guardians movie, but it seems that Marvel is so pleased with his results that they decided to bring him back for a third. Gunn has said before that this film will cap off the story of the current iteration of the Guardians, and if a Guardians Vol. 4 were to be made, it would focus on a new roster of characters.

With Vol. 2 going so much deeper into the backstories of the main characters, I'm expecting Vol. 3 to be just as emotional—but still mixed with the trademark humor of course. With Meredith Quill's last mixtape getting destroyed in Vol. 2, Vol. 3's soundtrack is said to be influenced by Yondu this time around. Thanks to Quill's new Zune, James Gunn probably has a lot more songs to choose from. What do you think Star-Lord's opinion will be on 90s music?

No official release date has been set for Guardians of the GalaxyVol. 3 but the movie will definitely come out after Avengers 4 which is set to hit theaters 2019. Maybe the Guardians will come together in 2020?

That's just my guess.

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