Guardians Of The Galaxy Has A Japanese Manga

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Guardians of the Galaxy went from obscure comic book series to multi-million dollar franchise thanks to the success of the first film. This has also made the comics more worthwhile, with many fans enjoying the current run of Deadpool and Uncanny Avengers writer Gerry Duggan. This isn't the only comic version of the Guardians however, as a Japanese manga more in line with the films have been released.

According to Comic Natalie (translated by Anime News Network) the manga is being penned by Kohei Uchida, who won a contest held by Weekly Shonen Magazine earlier this year. In the manga, our heroes have entered a Battle Royale-style race, where the winner is proclaimed the fastest in the galaxy. It's not clear if this manga will be a one-shot, or an ongoing.

(Weekly Shonen Magazine/Marvel)


Currently, the manga is only available in Japan via DeNA's free Manga Box app. It's not yet known if the manga will get an English localization, but it's not an impossible task. Marvel recently localized Zombies Assemble and it's sequel Zombies Assemble 2, which were originally exclusive to Japan. The first series was released as a mini-series, before being collected into a graphic novel format, so fans can expect the same for the follow up.

(Weekly Shonen Magazine/Marvel)

Only time will tell if the Guardians of the Galaxy manga will go stateside and beyond. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the current comics run. MCU fans will see the Guardians in action again during Avengers: Infinity War, showing next year on May 4.

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