Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn Makes Surprising Response To Request For Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut

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Warner Bros. will probably not release Zack Snyder's Justice League cut but some fans of the DC filmmaker are still demanding it online, and somehow, Guardians of the Galaxy director/writer James Gunn got involved in a Twitter argument about it.

When an argument on Twitter over demands for the Snyder cut of Justice League started, James Gunn was randomly tagged, and it prompted him to shift the focus toward a charitable cause. The two fans were arguing about whether Snyder's cut would see the light of day but Gunn hilariously turned the tides, first saying that he doesn't have the authority to release it.

When another fan joined the conversation and tried to get Gunn to donate to a GoFundMe campaign to help fund the completion of Snyder's Justice League cut, Gunn took the opportunity to divert fans' attention to Rainforest Trust, a charity dedicated to protecting threatened rainforests.

"Sure, Warner Bros is one of my favorite charities, but I think I'd rather donate to @RainforestTrust," Gunn tweeted. "In fact, I'll give them a dollar for every retweet of this tweet up to 20k."

Hopefully, Gunn will donate the 20K whether or not he reaches 20,000 retweets. It's great to see famous directors like James Gunn turn fans' attention from Twitter beef into a positive cause.

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