Greg Nicotero Says That Half-Episode Wait For The Walking Dead Deaths Had a Purpose

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More than the supposedly excessive violence and blood, The Walking Dead also faced criticism with the way that the producers still made fans wait for the final answer. Viewers had to endure quite some time watching before they were treated to the conclusion that two deaths were really going to happen.

While this may seem manipulative to get viewers to finish the entire episode, Greg Nicotero said that the extra couple of minutes were important. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he confirmed that those few minutes served as a way for fans to also contemplate on who dies and to effectively ruin everyone's lives with Glenn's death.

"So the episode is 100 percent designed for you to go on this journey with Rick and start thinking as he did, about what happened and when he starts reliving it, it's the beginning of him being broken, you know? So it really was about Rick remembering those moments as an effort to, number one, not let it happen again. Everything that he does is based on the fact that someone else could die, and he can't let that happen."

This explains so much, and hints how we might be seeing another round of whiny Rick in the season. But if that means we'll be seeing Maggie and even Daryl in a new light, then perhaps this is the change of pace that we've been hoping for The Walking Dead to up its game.

The Walking Dead airs every Sundays on AMC.

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