28 Sep 2016 11:50 AM +00:00 UTC

Green Lanterns Writer Sam Humphries Signs Exclusively with DC Comics

DC has signed a new writer to exclusively write for DC Entertainment. Sam Humphries, most noted for his ongoing work on Green Lanterns, will now be creating content for DC and Vertigo Comics.

The company confirmed this via the official website. His first project was Green Lanterns, where he was teamed with artist Robson Rocha. According to DC, Humphries' specialty has always bene to write human emotional stories that connect with the readers, as proven in his work with Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz of the DC Universe.

"I am thrilled to be writing at DC Entertainment. Today's announcement takes an already spectacular creative partnership to the next level. Rebirth is an exciting time in comics, where nothing is impossible. The Green Lanterns have one of the most stories legacies in comics, and never has the future felt so epic. Getting to write things like a new oath for the Phantom Lantern… as a creator you feel the history, and you feel the excitement for what's to come."

For his next story arc, DC confirmed that Humphries will be doing The Phantom Lantern, set to come in October. This arc will see Simon and Jessica facing off against an ancient predecessor to the Green Lantern's rings.

DC has been on a roll when it comes to signing exclusive names for its talent roster. Just recently, the company also signed the likes of artists Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman) and Andy Kubert (Dark Knight III), as well as writers Dan Abnett (Titans, Aquaman), Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn), and James Tynion IV (Detective Comics).

Perhaps this is the company's bet at maintaining its winning streak in terms of the comics segment. Just last month, DC took the lion share of the comic industry, thanks to its Harley Quinn comics.

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