Grand Admiral Thrawn Rumored To Appear In Star Wars: Episode IX

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Lucasfilm brought Star Wars legend favorite Grand Admiral Thrawn to canon when they introduced the character in their popular Star Wars animated series, Star Wars Rebels. Though the series rendition and arc for the character wasn't exactly like the one that author Timothy Zahn created in his books, fans can't help but hope to see more of the character even after Star Wars Rebels finale.

Now, according to the Dork Side of the Force, Thrawn could actually make a reappearance in the Star Wars franchise, this time in Star Wars: Episode IX.


Though it might sound surprising to fans, Zahn recently attended Comic-Con Revolution for a panel and during his discussion about his upcoming Star Wars projects the author subtly hinted that his work might have something to do with Star Wars: Episode IX.

According to Zahn, he has two more Thrawn books in his contract, however, publication is currently in limbo while Lucasfilm finalizes the third and final installment in its Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Though this could simply be a production hold up, it could also mean that Thrawn has some action in Episode IX. The last time Star Wars fans saw the Grand Admiral, he had been thrown into the unknown along with Ezra Bridger. Lucasfilm could have Thrawn make a short cameo in Episode IX, or they could have part of his story influence the one they're telling in the upcoming movie. Either way, it'd be another step towards seeing the character on the big screen.

Lucasfilm's latest project, Solo: A Star Wars Story, premieres this week, May 25.


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