27 Sep 2016 10:25 AM +00:00 UTC

Gotham’s Maggie Geha Explains Transformation from Frumpy to Foxy Poison Ivy

There are a lot of changes coming to Gotham. And while we've seen Jim Gordon being an ex-cop and teaming up with Valerie Vale to catch some goonies, there's a bigger, foxier change happening in the background.

It's Poison Ivy, who has been reborn into a full-grown, mature woman. Some may still be wondering why the showrunners have decided to make this change considering how Ivy Pepper was introduced as that frumpy girl in long sweaters and messy hairdos.

Executive Producer Ken Woodruff spoke with The Hollywood Reporter to explain further the change and the decision that went with it.

"The character Ivy in the comics, one of her greatest powers is the power of seduction. Everyone was much more comfortable with that with an older actress as opposed to a teenager. We want to explore that classic, canonical power of Ivy."

Woodruff also shared that her change is not merely physical, since she will still retain some of her traits. But she will have a more "evil quality" to her character.

Ivy's actress Maggie Geha also spoke with TV Guide and shared her own thoughts of where Ivy is at the moment following her transformation.

"Ivy has been reborn and she is completely different on the inside as well as out. Ivy's main passion in life is plants and nature. She doesn't have any real regard for people. She still has a little bit of the little Ivy in her. She's not completely, completely changed. I think little Ivy is sort of relishing in the physical transformation and realizing all the powers she now has, and what she can do to people. And how she can manipulate people. She's definitely transforming into a darker version of herself."

We're excited to see how she'll factor into the whole messy situation that is the Mad City of Gotham.

Gotham airs on Fox every Monday, 8:00 p.m.

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