Gotham Season 4 Teaser Shows Off Bruce Wayne’s Pre-Batman Gear

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Fox's Gotham has not been a traditional retelling of the Batman mythos, which has proven to be the show's greatest strength. No other adaptation would have turned Jim Gordon to a bounty hunter or make The Penguin gay, which really adds to the unpredictability. Despite all this, it looks like Bruce Wayne will still become Batman in the future, just not right away.

In the latest Season 4 teaser, we get to see a glimpse of Bruce in a pre-Batman vigilante suit. No pointy ears or capes, just a mask, body armor, and grappling hooks, which should be easy to cosplay for fans of the show. The mask has some similarities to his future role, but for now, it seems like Bruce won't be becoming a bat.

Gotham Season 4 won't just feature Bruce's vigilante antics however, as the trailer also reveals the terrifying return of Scarecrow. The villain is no stranger to casual fans, appearing in Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and the Batman Arkham games, but it is still something to look forward to. The teaser also shows us glimpses of Selina Kyle, the future Catwoman, and Poison Ivy among others.

The season premiere will show Thursday, September 21, on FOX. Like the previous seasons, expect some interesting takes on the source material, as well as some original elements here and there.

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