17 Apr 2017 11:23 AM +00:00 UTC

Gold Leader Dutch Vander Drops An F-Bomb In Star Wars Archive Footage

During Star Wars Celebration, ILM’s John Knoll was present for a special panel for Rogue One, and fans got an in-depth look behind the scenes of the movie. The movie actually contained some archive footage from the original Star Wars, and Knoll shared some B-rolls of Angus MacInnes a.k.a. Jon “Dutch” Vander at the panel.

It’s funny how they didn’t even bleep out the F-word during celebration, and everyone in the audience gave it a laugh. I absolutely love how the production was able to integrate old footage into the movie.


One slight nitpick I just have is the absence of everyone else from Red Squadron. Where was Biggs, Wedge, or Porkins? Nevertheless, it was also cool how the movie explained why Luke was assigned as Red 5 in A New Hope.



Rogue One is now available in Blu-Ray, but the next Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, comes out on Dec. 15.

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