Goku's New Form Revealed in Dragon Ball Z: Revival of 'F'

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Recently, we've seen images of chibi action figures depicting Goku and Vegeta with neon-blue hair. The photos claimed to hint their new transformations in Akira Toriyama's new Dragon Ball Z: Revival of 'F' movie, but many of us thought they were just ridiculous fan-made speculation and non-canon, but a new scan confirms that the rumors were true: it featured images of Goku with his cool blue hair. Check out these images:

So what do you think of Goku's new form? I wonder what power he'll unleash with this form. In my opinion, I think it looks better than his Super Saiyan 4 tranformation we've seen in Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball: Revival of 'F'will open in North American theaters this summer.


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