God of War Director Fires Back at Joe Rogan for Trashing Video Games

Credit: Joe Rogan Experience/Youtube

Credit: Joe Rogan Experience/Youtube

Comedian and MMA commentator Joe Rogan has been notorious for hot takes in the past, and just recently he made a whole chunk of the internet mad by trashing the gaming community, calling video games a ‘waste of time.' While the internet is now going heads or tails on Rogan's take, God of War director Cory Barlog has decided to comment.

Here's his post:

You can watch Rogan's full take here (starts at 45:10):

Seeing that Rogan has a following of his own, a lot of people have been jumping to his defense. Barlog, however, had some great comebacks, along with GoW art director Raf Grassetti:

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As I said, Joe Rogan has a lot of hot takes, and they usually come off as him having some kind of tunnel vision to the issue at large (to me, at least). I mean, he seems to be living his best life being a fan of UFC and exercise, but that filter simply doesn't apply to everyone else.

If anything, I thought it was hilarious that Rogan would use Jiu-Jitsu as a more admirable pursuit of video games. I bet you, there are more people making money out of video games compared to being a professional Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

Personally, I'm not much for gatekeeping, and I think people should be allowed to enjoy what they want. Rogan and his fans like mixed martial arts and Fast and Furious movies (I assume), and that's completely fine, but they shouldn't be applying their filter for anyone who enjoys video games. I mean, if anything, video games are just as ‘time-wasting' as reading books or watching films. The moral here is: Let people enjoy things.

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