15 Jun 2017 12:35 PM +00:00 UTC

Gintama Live-Action Film Gets 3 Teaser Trailers—And They All Rock

Fans of Gintama who are in Japan next month should rejoice. Warner Bros. has just released a minute-long trailer, as well as two shorter ones that give us a glimpse of Gin-chan's world in 3D, real-life goodness.

And I think this is around the time I'm going to take back my doubts and unspoken fears before about this sucking really bad.

Shun Oguri really does a funny and dramatic Gin-chan—but I remain faithful to Tomokazu Sugita's voice, thank you very much—and we can see that in the minute-long trailer below. The trailer also gives short key scenes of what will be covered, which is pretty much the first meeting of Shinpachi and Gintoki, probably Kagura's as well, and the Benizakura arc.


That last part alone will already hint two things: one, the Shinsengumi boys will be there, and two, damn them feels are coming. Kankuro Nakamura VI, Yuuya Yagira, and Ryo Yoshizawa all reprise their roles perfectly for Gori-Kondo, Hijikata, and Sougo perfectly.

The parting scene of the trailer also reminds us that Gintama will always be a comedy at heart, which is why they will be able to put in the bug hunting episode. Kabuto gari ja!

Everything is just awesome as far as the characters and the chosen stories are concerned, I'm willing to overlook the fact that Sadaharu is a little creepy without the obvious CGI fur. Elizabeth, well, you can't argue with Elizabeth after all.

Gintama live-action film will be out in theaters in Japan on July 14. Crossing my fingers that they will be shown immediately in countries outside.

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