Gintama Live-Action Adds More Cast that Hint to Possible Storyline

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The Gintama live-action movie cast is expanding. This time, the new cast members may have hinted the storyline that the live-action will take.

The official Twitter for the movie has tagged six new actors, each one selected for a particular role, seen below (as translated by Anime News Network):

> Hirofumi Arai as Nizo Okada
> Jiro Sato as Henpeita Takechi
> Nanao as Matako Kijima
> Ken Yasuda as Tetsuya Murata
> Akari Hayami as Tetsuko Murata
> Tsuyoshi Domoto as Shinsuke Takasugi

Before this announcement, it was anyone's guess what the storyline for the live-action would be. The main cast for gags was complete, especially when paired with the Shinsengumi trio. Even the addition of Katsura (and presumably his trusty sidekick and pet Elizabeth), it was still anyone's guess.


But I guess we should have expected it. The Benizakura arc in the anime had been one of the badass fights. It was even retold for the first-ever movie for Gintama.


Now that we not only have the Kiheitai group, which consists of gunslinger girl Matako, the sword-consumed Nizo, and Hentai Henpeita-senpai, we also have Takasugi in tow. I'm wondering why Banzai wasn't part of the reveal, as he should be there.

We also have the Murata siblings, which fans will know only appeared together in the Benizakura arc.

I'm not opposed to another redoing of the Benizakura-hen. It was certainly one of the most badass fight scenes between Gintoki and Nizo, as well as that nakama fight alongside Katsura and their Lupin escape.

I guess I just hoped it would either be a new story from Sorachi-sensei or perhaps one that involved my bias, Tsukuyo. But the Gorilla-sensei does have something up his sleeve after this live-action film, so there's still hope.

Gintama live-action film will be out on 2017. It stars the Yorozuya trio, Shun Oguri as Gintoki, Masaki Suda as Shinpachi, and Kanna Hashimoto as Kagura. It will be directed by Yuichi Fukuda.

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