Ghost In The Shell Gets Spot at This Year’s Super Bowl

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Marvel's superhero films aren't the only ones getting primetime during this year's Super Bowl.

As the annual National Football League (NFL) championship game draws closer to its event date, word has begun to leak out which studios and which films would present TV spots during the highly anticipated Super Bowl weekend and according to a report by Deadline, one of those studios is Paramount.

Not only is the studio set to run a trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight during the event, but Paramount will also feature a spot for the controversial and highly anticipated film adaptation of Ghost in the Shell starring Avengers actress Scarlett Johansson during the game itself.


After releasing a series of intriguing clips last year, Paramount dished out its first official trailer for the neo-noir cyber fiction adaptation and many are hoping to see new footage in this year's Super Bowl TV spot for Ghost in The Shell.

Will we get to see more action sequences from Johansson's Major Kusanagi? Or will we get to see more action from Pilou Asbeak's Batou? Hopefully Parmound will give us something new to look at during the Super Bowl weekend.

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