19 Jul 2018 10:10 AM +00:00 UTC

Gerard Way Reveals First Look at Live-Action Cast for Umbrella Academy

Everyone might be talking about Titans and how gritty it is but there is another show that has comic book fans excited and it's coming to Netflix; Umbrella Academy. Based on the hit series from former My Chemical Romance head Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Ba, fans have been curious about the show's progress, especially with talent like Ellen Paige involved.

Turns out the show is making better progress than we thought, as Way has now shared the first look at the show's live-action cast. While no release date has been revealed, Way does point out how the show is moving at an "amazing pace" so that should get fans hopes up.

As for the image itself, nothing relevant is really revealed aside from the umbrellas. Because Umbrella Academy is the name of the show and comic book har har har. We don't really get to see some of their powers in action, though they will probably save that for a trailer since that will be more appropriate.


With SDCC underway, we should get a better understanding of the show's story soon and how much it changes from the comic books. It's considered a great read from fans, so here is hoping all of that excitement is translated into the big screen.

No release date for Umbrella Academy has been revealed. A new installment in the comic book series will be coming out in October, called Hotel Oblivion.

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