Gerard Butler-Led Geostorm May End Up Losing $100 Million

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It seems that that the disaster movie genre has lost its audience with the critical bomb that was Geostorm. The movie was not met with the best reviews, and analytics say, by the time the movie ends its box office run, it would have cost the studio $100 million.

According to The Wrap, Geostorm needs to make $300–$350 million to break-even, but the way things look, the movie will probably end up making only $200 million by the end of its theatrical run. So far, the movie has only made $66.8 million domestically with $52.1 million gained overseas. Even though a lot of money is expected to be gained from the Chinese movie market, the studio is only said gain 25 percent of the profit.


As it turns out, Geostorm's box office run was not the only time the movie has gotten the short end of the stick. The film was said to have been delayed three times already from its original release date of March 2016, and top it all off with some terrible reviews that it got online.

Despite Geostorm being a bomb, Warner Bros still has a lot of movies that performed really well in theaters to make up for its losses. Dunkirk, IT, and Annabelle: Creation were all blockbuster hits—and we still have yet to mention the groundbreaking film that was Wonder Woman. Let's also not forget that Justice League comes out in less than a month, and that movie is going to make all the money regardless of good or bad reviews.

Yep. Even if Geostorm ends up losing a lot of money, it looks like Warner Bros is going to be fine.


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