George Romero's Son Announces Night Of The Living Dead Prequel

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George A. Romero passed away earlier this year, with many fans of his work mourning his loss. The director was single-handedly responsible for bringing zombies to the mainstream, thanks to his work on Night of the Living Dead. As a tribute to Romero his son, George Cameron Romero has announced that he will be working on a prequel to that film called: Rise of the Living Dead.

On a lengthy Facebook post, Romero revealed that he had been working on this film for some time, with his late father calling it genius. The film had already been funded by fans via Indiegogo and has apparently been a long time coming. It will be interesting to see how Romero pays tribute to his legendary father and if it does the original film justice.

Romero revealed that Shane Hurlbut Asc and Robert Kurtzman will be involved with the film. No release date or window was revealed, so fans will have to wait for more details when they come. At least we know a prequel to a classic film is coming, though only time will tell if it's any good.

Fans can only hope that Rise of the Living Dead makes his father proud. There's probably a lot of pressure on him since this is a prequel to one of his father's best works.

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