23 May 2017 6:25 PM +00:00 UTC

Geoffrey Rush Explains Why He Returned To The Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise

Though many thought that Disney making a film out of a Walt Disney theme park was an absolutely absurd idea, the Pirates of the Caribbean film series has grown remarkably strong.

There's a lot of excitement now that the franchise's fifth film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, is releasing in the next two days, and to add to the hype Australian actor Geoffrey Rush has decided to go on an interview with Screen Rant to talk about what convinced him to return to Disney's swashbuckling franchise.

Talking about his character, Captain Barbossa, Rush reveals that he was lured into returning in Dead Men Tell No Tales by the pirate captain's lost leg and the fact that he's been given Blackbeard's sword.


" The fact that he was seemingly now having the misfortune of having lost a leg. That was a setback. The fact that he had become obscenely wealthy because I knew from the end of the fourth film they've given me this Blackbeard's sword, which is kind of like you've got that. You control everything.

So, it was great to go into this film obscenely wealthy and in charge of everything but, of course, dramatically that meant he's sort of taken his eye off the ball and he doesn't quite know that Salazar is coming and that to clash those two villains together, one of them half-man and half-prawn, in Javier's hands it is a mighty piece of dangerous, creepy acting."

Rush also talks about what makes the film stand out among the other installments in The Pirates film series.

"I think its great achievement is its, it sort of captured, which is a hard thing to do because the lightning that was caught in the bottle with The Curse of the Black Pearl, you know, at the time that it came out in 2003 we were way down on the ‘Hey, this is what is going to open this summer'. We opened very late and this was pre-Twitter or pre-social media. Good old word-of-mouth. Something, something ran through those zeitgeists that people went and saw this film and found it invigorating and fresh and high adventure. I think some of that energy has really come back in this film but, in the last fifteen years like the technological achievements, I always thought that Bill Nighy as Davy Jones was groundbreaking in terms of giving complexity to a character with CGI embellishment and I think, like most of the big set pieces, the kind of hallucinogenic, trippy world that this story gets told in has set the bar really high."

While the actor doesn't really need to tell fans that Dead Men Tell No Tales would be good – everyone's already expecting a good time from the film's trailers - Rush's discussion on the movie really adds to the excitement.

Pirates of the Caribbea 5 hits cinemas on May 26, 2017.

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