Geoff Johns Confirms The Absence of The Rock’s Black Adam In Shazam!

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Fans were shocked yesterday when word came out that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam wouldn't be appearing in the DC Extended Universe's Shazam. The wrestler-turned-actor had been one of the earliest names attached the project before the start of Warner Bros. burgeoning superhero franchise and everyone was excited to see him introduced as Shazam's big bad.

Now, DC Films president Geoff Johns confirms yesterday's rumors, telling Yahoo! Movies that though Johnson will remain as the star of Black Adam, the Hollywood star will no longer be appearing in Shazam!


"We haven't announced any casting yet.But Dwayne isn't going to be in this movie. He's still doing Black Adam, but he won't be in Shazam!"

This may sound disappointing to fans. Black Adam is one of Shazam's greatest enemies, and many were looking forward to their faceoff on the big screen. However, with Johnson's shifting role in the DCEU (seeing his star power Warner Bros. decided to give the actor his own DCEU feature) and busy schedule, David Sandberg's Shazam! is being forced to search for another villain for Billy Batson.

Of course, Shazam has a number of enemies that could replace Black Adam. Sure Black Adam is the orphan boy superhero's greatest foe, but there's also Dr. Sivana, Captain Nazi, Mr. Mind, Osiris, Isis. Ibac, Sabbac and a number of other foes to choose from.

Shazam! is scheduled for release on April 5, 2019.

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