Gears of War 4 Cover Art & Launch Date Revealed

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The highly anticipated release of Gears of War 4 is almost in our midst.

The nearly five-year-long wait since Gears of War 3 and the three-year-long wait since Gears of War: Judgment is almost over. Finally, fans know that their patience has paid off.

Not much is known about the game which was revealed during Microsoft's E3 press conference last June. Now, we're getting a first look at the cover art of the game which will be launched on October 11 on Xbox One, according to Entertainment Weekly.


The Gears 4 cover art gives a close look at the game's three main characters – JD Fenix, Kait Diaz, and Del Walker – as well as their new weapons and enemies.

Speaking to Rod Fergusson, studio head of developer The Coalition, EW uncovers details about the trilogy, creation of the new character, and the competitive multiplayer feature that the series is focusing heavily on.

Fergusson said:

It was an interesting process. We went through and talked through all the different kinds of alternatives about how do you sort of return to this place, to continue the franchise, and so we talked about do we go a prequel.
The feeling was that, the prequels for Gearswould've been pre-Locust, and so it would've been more the human wars, what we call the Pendulum Wars. We felt like human-on-human conflict was not aGearsgame. You have to have a monster to be aGearsgame. So we felt like that was a problem. And you kind of run into the problem where you have with theStar Warsprequels where you have the Stormtrooper, and you go like, "OK, what was the predecessor to the Stormtrooper?" And you end up with the "Roger, Roger" robots, right? We felt like the prequel wasn't the right way to go.
And so then we talked about a new origin story. Do we tell or retell the Marcus story and put our own spin on it? Then we felt like that wasn't really what we're here to do. We're not here to reimagine the past or recreate this thing. We felt it would've been sort of disrespectful to say, "Well, that was that, but now it's us, and here is how we would've done it" kind of thing. That felt really wrong.
...At the end of the day, we decided, well, why don't we just advance time and allow ourselves to create a new cast through creating the next generation of hero by having JD Fenix being Marcus' son and sort of taking up 25 years later.

Fergusson also teased the following details about Gears 4:

It's gonna be an event, an opportunity to really get to see some of the bigger changes that we've done to the game from a multiplayer standpoint.
...multiplayer has been greater served by our design team and our resources to make sure we're doing the right things. I think people having an opportunity to feel that and feel like, "Oh, this different studio has created aGearsexperience." It feels like Gears and it plays like Gears, but now there is more nuance and sophistication into some of the things that are there.
I think it should be pretty exciting for people. I wanted to try some new modes, new maps, new weapons, all the usual fun stuff.

Rod Fergusson has done work on all Gears of War titles.

Gears of War 4 will be released officially on October 11, but early access multiplayer beta will reportedly begin on April 18. Meanwhile, Xbox Live Gold members also has early access to the game on April 25. Beta ends on May 1.

Check out more details about the game from the full interview here.