21 Mar 2017 6:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Gary Whitta Explains Why Dash Rendar Can’t Become Canon Just Yet

The Han Solo-like character Dash Rendar is a fan-favorite Corellian smuggler from Star Wars Legends and a number of Star Wars fans have been hoping that Lucasfilm would try to export the mercenary into the canon Star Wars universe the way they did with Grand Admiral Thrawn and extremist resistance fighter Saw Gerrera. Unfortunately, it seems like the studio won't be canonizing Dash anytime soon.

Speaking with ScreenRant, Rogue One screenwriter and Star Wars Rebels episode writer Gary Whitta reveals that Lucasfilm has a love-hate relationship with the smuggler.

"You know, there are certain people at Lucasfilm that would hang you from a tree for saying something like that," Whitta jokes. "He's a very polarizing character! People either love Dash or they hate him.


" But obviously, one of the great things about Rebels is you get to introduce characters from the wider pantheon of Star Wars. One of the coolest things with season 3 is that we got to bring in Thrawn intro the canon and make him an essential character on the show," the writer explains further. "So I think they're always looking for those opportunities but the people who work at Lucasfilm are very aware of not doing stuff necessarily just for fan service, you do it because it's something the show needs or can benefit from rather than just ‘throw this in there because it's an Easter Egg and someone will notice.'"

It's such a shame that Lucasfilm won't be brining Dash into the canon universe soon, but Whitta does have a point. The studio wouldn't just have things written for fan-service – elements and characters always have to serve as a tool for the Star Wars universe expanding story. Do you feel like Dash deserves a chance to escape Legends and make it into the canon story?

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