Gamer Spends $1.4 Million on Justice Online Character and His Friend Accidentally Sells It for $600

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If you're a fan and consider yourself "hardcore," you're bound to do some dumb things. Whether it's buying multiple versions of the same game because they have different box art, shelling out for multiple collector's editions, or pre-ordering a game without knowing if its good or not. Some people would even buy a character with really good stats for millions of dollars, which leads us to this Justice Online story.


So, someone was crazy enough to buy a Justice Online character for, and we aren't kidding you, $1.2 million. You could buy a damn house with that money but no, get an online character instead of grinding and getting the reward yourself. Coward.

ANYWAY. detailed this oddball story, stating that the rich gamer gave this expensive character to his friend. That friend then decided to sell back the character to the original money waster and was supposed to do so for $55,200 but got dizzy from playing too much and wrote $552. This character was snatched up by someone else and things got messy.

In the end, the original buyer decided to sue developers NetEase. The judge said that NetEase has to return this character but the owner has to pay the buyer $12,800. Christ.


Justice Online is available now, so if you're a PC gamer, check it out.

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