15 Apr 2016 3:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Game of Thrones Showrunners Looking To End Show With Final 13 Episodes After Season 6

The upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones has become one of the most highly anticipated seasons in the show since the first season aired. One would think showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff are planning to expand the saga of Westeros even further. Apparently though, that isn't the case.

In an interview with Variety, Benioff and Weiss said they are currently mulling over wrapping up the Emmy Award-winning saga with just 13 more episodes – 7 episodes for season 7 and 6 episodes for a potential final season 8.

Benioff said:

I think we're down to our final 13 episodes after this season. We're heading into the final lap. That's the guess, though nothing is yet set in stone, but that's what we're looking at.

Fans don't need to fret though. Sources have confirmed that 13 last episodes aren't set in stone yet. The showrunners are reportedly still planning, but that the next seasons of the show may be fewer than 10 episodes.

Meanwhile, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo said two more years are left before the show ends.

He said:

That's my understanding from them right now, those have been the conversations we've had. Because where these narratives go, it feels like another two years to them. As a television executive, as a fan, do I wish they said another six years? I do.
I'm always an optimist, and I do believe we will figure this out.

Back in January, HBO has said that Weiss and Benioff are talking with them to continue the show for two more seasons only. If the showrunners do decide to end the show with fewer episodes, the good news is they will be spending more time with each episode. This means more attention to detail and perhaps a more intense storyline.


Let's just hope George R.R. Martin finishes Winds of Winter before Game of Thrones does end.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its sixth season on April 24.

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